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Highland Way Visitor's Book

Here's where you can read what people have written about our beautiful part of the world and our web site!
Due to the constant spamming of this page by people using it to promote their own interests, we have removed the ability for our visitors to sign this Visitor's Book. For all our genuine visitors, please accept our apology.

From: John PenroseE-Mail: penrose_john@hotmail.comDate: 1/14/04, 5:00 AM
Thanks for a good site.  
From: annuE-Mail: annu@annu.frDate: 12/20/03, 1:41 PM
great site ! good job !  
From: Dan SmillieE-Mail: ninox9@integritynet.com.auDate: 12/10/03, 6:01 AM
Excellent web site, well done.

I would be interested to know the origins of local place names. Perhaps you could do an article on them.Thanks:)  
From: Michael RuschE-Mail: mail@handylader.comDate: 11/7/03, 6:37 PM
Your site is a wonderful dream! I love it! Best wishes from Germany, Michael.  
From: Ian McFarlaneE-Mail: Date: 11/4/03, 9:11 PM
Great website! Very informative. It was wonderful to see links to other rural communities such as Gulargumbone. Perhaps the Local Councils of rural districts should become more pro-active in this type of promotion on the web.
Speaking of Local Councils, has the Mulwaree Shire Council made any progress on the upgrade to 'The Dungeons'? After all, they have had twelve months since they announced their intentions. Look forward to seeing a progress report.
Keep up the good work!  
From: Malcolm (Mal) LyonsE-Mail: malron4@bigpond.comDate: 10/19/03, 6:07 AM
I will always Love Tallong and all who lives there even though I would not know any of you now.
Lots of water has flowed under the bridge since I lived there in the 50s,(and I am not refering to Barbers Creek). Can anyone tell me if Helen Reid is still in the area. That is Helen.. Nee Reid.She was about 6 when I last seen her, I was about the same.
You have a well organised web site Congratulations.  
From: HenningE-Mail: hans@ganz.deDate: 9/27/03, 1:33 AM
Great web, I come to view regularly.
I miss Tallong and the good people.
Things are moving with new homes going up closer to the two shops. If I had the money I buy one of them and live in peace.
From: Eric HindleE-Mail: eric@netwyrks.comDate: 9/6/03, 7:07 PM
Very interesting  
From: Betty UptonE-Mail: bwu@hal-pc.orgDate: 7/9/03, 11:29 AM
A granddaughter having the dream of attending college in Australia, has turned my attention to Australian sites. Noticed that there are pen pals available. How do I find them?
Your site is very impressive..hats and all!
From: Kim MaloneyE-Mail: Date: 5/16/03, 7:57 AM
A lovely site my mother has lived in Wingello for just over 20years. She has just sold her house to move to Canberra near me. I can't wait for her to be close and share my life with her. We will miss Wingello as it is home so that will be very sad for us to pack her up.Now we have found your site we can still have a part of Wingello we will look up quite offen.  
From: May KingE-Mail: Date: 3/29/03, 5:12 AM
As I've just said in my email, your site is great!Congratulations... You really are a webmaster!
Maybe The Southern Highland Way and The Southern Highland Fling should "do lunch" soon.
Warm regards,
From: J IrlamE-Mail: Date: 2/4/03, 11:55 PM
An all girls site! Maybe all the boys are out fighting fires; Here is a blonde joke all girls will understand and relate to ?
question-Whats the difference between a blonde and a supermarket trolley ?
answer - A supermarket trolley has a mind of its own.  
From: ManuE-Mail: no@no.deDate: 2/3/03, 2:37 PM
pretty good and interesting website !  
From: Patricia GreenwoodE-Mail: kenpa@kooee.com.auDate: 1/28/03, 1:23 AM
I read about the Tallong Midge orchid on your web page, and now wonder have you been affected by the bushfires and if so how badly. Also would it mean the demise of these rare orchids?
God Bless,
From: Robert MillerE-Mail: lonelyduck@bigpond.comDate: 12/23/02, 5:12 AM
missing Tallong more each day
hope to see you soon or at least next year
merry xmas and wishing one and all a good 2003  
From: VivianeE-Mail: porteplume@zeelandnet.nlDate: 12/6/02, 5:02 PM

I just was kind of curious about the home place of my new pen-friend. It's a lovely site and Highland Way is quite an amazing discovery !
Warmest Greetings from a French woman living in Holland ! ;-)
Amicalement - Viviane  
From: Aprill AllenE-Mail: aprill@aprill.netDate: 12/3/02, 5:15 PM
Well.. I'm anxiously awaiting the info on Marulan as I own land in Greenwich Park just 15 mins from the Marulan shops..Won't be moving down there for a while yet as we need to build a house. Looking forward to it though. thanks!  
From: Mary DunnE-Mail: littlesmileyface@bigpond.com.auDate: 11/11/02, 4:37 AM
This site is a great introduction to this area. This is a great way to feel part of a community and sense a spirit in the area. I haven't really met anyone yet so this is great background information to study!
From: Pieces Auto BinetE-Mail: info@binetlyon.comDate: 11/10/02, 4:32 AM
une decouverte !  
From: BobE-Mail: lonelyduck@bigpond.comDate: 10/21/02, 8:35 AM
Great web, I come to view regularly.
I miss Tallong and the good people.
Things are moving with new homes going up closer to the two shops. If I had the money I buy one of them and live in peace.
From: annabellaE-Mail: sushi0006@hotmail.comDate: 8/31/02, 8:44 PM
this website rox. theres so much info!  
From: Sue WatersE-Mail: gandswaters@bigpond.com.auDate: 7/23/02, 5:35 AM
Hi from Esk in Qld, my brother lives at "Pineview" at Tallong and have visited him and your lovely area a couple of times. Your site is great.
Please drop into the Information Centre and mention my name to Julianne, when you come to Esk and we will make you welcome to our lovely neck of the woods. We have a lovely heritage walk aroubnd the town. See you soon
Say hi to that lovely brother of mine (robert Owen)  
From: Liz and Alistiar MaygerE-Mail: Date: 5/21/02, 10:46 AM
This is a wonderful web site! We would love to visit this area. I am signing this book from my home in Albuquerque, NM (usa).  
From: Ian Hornsby (former Road safety consultant)E-Mail: hoolong@speedlink.com.auDate: 5/1/02, 5:08 AM
Hello Peter,
Came across your website as I looked at the history of Marulan. Brought back the happy memories of my visits to your school. Glad to see you're still there doing a wonderful job. Kindest regards to all.
From: Risto KlintE-Mail: risto@ristoklint.comDate: 4/11/02, 1:22 AM

Great looking Web site!  
From: Wim HeinsE-Mail: w.heins@platteland.nlDate: 3/12/02, 8:26 PM
great web  
From: Dawn JonasE-Mail: Date: 3/7/02, 2:26 PM
Why did I take so long to take a look at this web site? It's brilliant and so easy to use. Congratulations and thanks Robyn for this and the newsletter. I think they will both be really positive for the three villages and we'll all feel more part of the community.
From: paul and julee d'alcornE-Mail: Date: 2/25/02, 1:33 AM
When we moved to Tallong Park in March 2001, we didn't realise how lovely and abundant the native flora and fauna is. Also how peaceful it is most of the time. I find i dont even turn on the radio during the day, just content to listen to the birds and nothing . No traffic, no sirens etc  
From: jim & christine mitchellE-Mail: Date: 2/19/02, 5:58 AM
well we will move to tallong
it is not what you see
look behind the bush and land
it is not that far from the smoke
but then it is very far from the smoke
i suppose it depends on whether
the glass if half full or half empty
well see you there soon
looking at the violet colours in bloom

jim & christine  
From: David and Christina LeeseE-Mail: Date: 2/13/02, 3:58 AM
Congratulations on a wonderful site.
Chris' cousin in America has asked why we have moved to the bush.
Our answer has now to be "Have a look at
www.highlandway.com.au and see for yourself".

Well done.  
From: Dennis JohnsonE-Mail: Date: 2/12/02, 8:12 PM
Congratulations on producing an excellent local community site.
Dennis Johnson
"Four Winds" Penrose  
From: RozE-Mail: Date: 2/12/02, 5:32 PM
It's a great website!! Good on you Robyn, it's about time we had a website for our very beautiful town.....  
From: Anne PidcockE-Mail: Date: 2/2/02, 11:09 PM
Hi. Thought I'd just drop you a line to say I love your web site and the Southern Highland Way. Don't know how you have the time to do it all but keep up the great work.
Thought you might be interested in the following on The Dungeons at Tallong (I thought they were called The Convict Caves, incidentally.)
Story I heard, from Phillipa Verrell, former resident of Badgery's Lookout Road and now living in New Zealand, was that in the late 1800's two boys from neighbouring properties would race their horses to the brink of Badgery's Lookout. One day, one of the boy's horses hurtled over the edge and the boy was killed. The grieving families decided to set aside land between the two properties, in perpetuity, in memory of the boys. Many of the plants, like the Robinia, are descendants of the original plantings in the reserve. The reserve is administered by NPWS so maybe you could contact Pat Hall at Fitzroy Falls to get more information. Local gossip may not necessarily be true, but it makes for a good story!
Anne Pidcock, "The Laurels", Penrose
From: Malcolm LyonsE-Mail: malron4@bigpond.comDate: 1/25/02, 7:40 AM
Further to my previous entry, the poem jouney Back To Tallong can be found on my web page in book of poems preview(still under construction)
at www.geocities.com/mal_lyons/  
From: Malcolm LyonsE-Mail: malron4@bigpond.comDate: 1/25/02, 7:33 AM
Memories of an old bush School and a Teacher Mister Swain. These are the opening words to my poem called Journey Back To Tallong.
Tallong has a special place in my heart since I lived and went to School there back in the 50's.
I now live in Brisbane, but still remember Tallong and I will visit again
Regards and Best wishes to all Residents
Mal and Rhonda Lyons and Family  
From: DebbieE-Mail: Date: 1/9/02, 8:46 AM
Lookin good!!!  
From: Robyn HuntE-Mail: Date: 1/8/02, 6:38 AM
Just to start off the new Visitors Book.....
Happy New Year everyone!!!  

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