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Tallong Rural Fire Brigade
We're a dedicated bunch!

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What's New!
in 2004

Our Committee

Kevin Roberts

James Snowdon

Vice President
Glenn Woods

Russ Eyers

Graham Hunt

Information Officer
Debbie Woods

New Vehicle
Coming Soon!
This year the Brigade will take delivery of a twin cab 4WD Cat 9 Land Rover! This vehicle is being funded by combined revenue from the Tallong Brigade and the shire council.

We're hoping the new restructure of the Council, which now places us under the umbrella of Greater Argyle, doesn't slow the process down, since we've been waiting for any new vehicle for decades!

Tallong Trail Ride
The Tallong Trail Ride will be held on the weekend of the 24th and 25th April 2004. You can register online by clicking the link above! Further details will be posted as they come to hand.

Rapid Response Vehicle
Our rapid response vehicle is also equipped with fire fighting and first aid equipment, since it's usually the pilot Tallong RFB vehicle at a fire scene.

Deputy Captain Handy A Short History
of the Tallong Rural Fire Service
Formed around 1936, the Tallong Rural Fire Brigade (or Rural Fire Service) had modest beginnings with a Captain and 15 dedicated members. Privately owned equipment was used to fight fires, comprising mainly of gardening tools such as rakes and shovels. About 1945, the Brigade was allowed to use a privately owned, late model truck, fitted with tanks and pumps at short notice....but against a large fire, the truck was rather inadequate.

Tallong was moved from Wingecarribee Shire to Mulwaree Shire in 1950, which was good news for the Brigade, because Mulwaree Shire gave them two extra tanks and some new pumps!

After (it's always after) the Chatsbury Fire of 1965, Mulwaree Shire handed over a whole heap of equipment to our brave Brigade.

Lots of new tanks, knapsack sprays, four new pumps and other tools, were to equip the Tallong Brigade for future blazes. Unfortunately Tallong had no fire shed to store all this new equipment in, so it was scattered around to farms in the area to be held until needed for fire fighting!

It was only scattered around for eight years or so, because, in 1974 Mulwaree Shire Council gave the Tallong Rural Brigade its first Fire Shed!

January 2002 after a blaze in Tallong Village! The Council smiled on Tallong that year, because they also gave our fearless Brigade its first official Fire Truck...an ex-army Studebaker. The previous truck, which must have been either privately owned, donated or bought by the Brigade themselves was a Chevy Mapleleaf, and is currently sitting in a paddock somewhere in Tallong and is owned by a local resident.

The Brigade is currently trying to piece together its past, and is interested to hear any history attached to the vehicle (and indeed the Brigade itself), since there's pretty well no documentation about the Brigade's history.

Now, back to the shed....The Fire Shed construction dragged out until 1981, and was finally finished by the Brigade members. It underwent some extensions in the late 1980's, but was replaced in 1999 by a huge and beautiful shed right next door to the Memorial Park...very exciting!

Enough history!
These Days...
The Brigade survives by raising most of its operating funds from donations and local fundraising, with the Tallong Trail Ride being the biggest event held during the year. Some funds are provided as subsidies from the Shire Council, but the bulk of funds to keep the Brigade operational are still raised by the Brigade itself.

It's no good denying it, they're all ancient!

State of the art equipment! The picture to the right is our main fire fighting tanker and was pressed into service with Tallong RFB when the Rural Fire Service upgraded Marulan RFB's fleet. Yes, that's right, we were given Marulan's tanker...inadequate for their needs but in 2004, still thought to be adequate for ours!

And so, our CAT 1 1980 Bedford 4WD, petrol tanker holds 3,600 litres of water, but can boast being housed in the best fire shed for miles!

The rest of our fleet is made up of a CAT 7 1985 Bedford 2WD Petrol V8, and our Rapid Response Vehicle which is a CAT 9 1990 Toyota Hilux 4WD diesel Crew Cab

In recent years our new, huge and "beautiful" fire shed was constructed to replace the original. The Brigade has been holding working bees to make the interior more functional (and aesthetically pleasing!). Through rummaging around and donations, the shed is now fitted out with all the mod cons, including a kitchen.

The "Grand Opening" of our new shed was held late in 2002. Many awards for long service were presented to members of Rural Fire Brigades in the Mulwaree area, with some awards for 30, 40 and 50 years service to the Rural Fire Brigade! Keys were also presented to those Brigades who were lucky enough to be given tanker upgrades, and were cheered with envy by the Tallong community!

Regular meetings are held weekly on Tuesday evenings, which includes time allocated for vehicle maintenance and preparatory stocking and checking of equipment to ensure the Brigade is ready for the next fire call. Brigade members now carry pagers where ever they go, a great innovation to improve response times!

Two fire calls were made at the end of last Winter, and can be read in the on line version of Southern Highland Way.

Our Tallong Rural Fire Brigade site is continually being updated, so make sure you drop back and visit us soon!

Deputy Captain Ian Do something worthwhile....
Join Today !

Weekly meetings are held on
Tuesdays at 7.30pm
at Tallong RFB Shed in Memorial Avenue, Tallong.

Contact for the Tallong Rural Fire Service:
Captain Kevin Roberts
On 0418 221019 or at The Fire Shed on 02 48410048
Or you can email us any time!

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