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Tallong Public School
Established 1865

The oldest surviving single teacher school in Australia!
"Desire to do well"

About Us
Tallong Public School has continually educated the local children for over 130 years. From its modest beginnings in a bark building, the school has developed into an educational facility with up to date technology, ensuring the local children receive an elementary education which will be relevant into the 21st Century.

Being small enough to care, the children certainly receive individual attention. The school prides itself on its caring, family orientated atmosphere, where parents are always welcome to visit, contribute or discuss any aspect of their child's education.

Our Classes
Currently, the school is sitting at around 40 students, divided into two composite classes.

The junior class has students from Kindergarten to year 2, and the senior class combines years 3 through 6. Specialist teachers join the staff on different days of the week for literacy, music, science and library. Also special HSIE sessions are held. A hands on approach has been a huge success with the children and a great way to learn. Dressing up and role playing to experience life as it was at the turn of the 20th Century and in the Gold Rush are days the children, teachers and parents never forget!

With the children in our area living a fair way from the cities, there's always a few excursions to Sydney and Canberra included during the year. Science and Natural History Museums, Aquariums, a Gold Mining Village, a school of the past and The Paralympics have all been excursions thoroughly enjoyed by our students (parents and teachers) in recent years!

Living in an area rich in aboriginal and colonial history, excursions of our local area are also included as part of our curriculum.

The students compete in many regional Small School Sporting Events, Interschool swimming carnivals, Soccer Gala Days, AFL and Athletic Carnivals annually.

Fun Stuff
During the year we also have a few fun events. An Easter Hat Parade, or perhaps a Bush Dance or Disco are extra-curricular activities that the children look forward to, and participate in with enthusiasm.

Our end of year function is not only an opportunity to showcase the many talents of the students and award them for a year of hard work with presentations, but it's also a community get-together...and very much enjoyed by everyone!

Canteen is available for school lunches on Mondays, and is run by voluntary and dedicated mothers. On all the other days of the week, the canteen is open to buy ice-blocks, drinks, yoghurt bars etc, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the teaching and clerical staff.

Our Recent Achievements
The partnership between home and school has fostered high expectations for students, parents and teachers. Results from external assessment tasks are one of the many areas in which our students continue to excel.

Involvement in various charity events have encouraged our students to think about, and be supportive of those who are less fortunate. Our participation in 'Fit Kids for Sick Kids' encouraged parents and children to be more aware of healthy food habits as well as the benefits of regular exercise. As regional winners of this award we are committed to improving our students' health and fitness habits.

Strong community support for our students has enabled the provision of quality playground resources through extensive fund raising activities and many working bees. Parents working together have rebuilt pathways, installed equipment and landscaped garden areas.

As state winners of the 'Koolies' bread coupon competition, $3000 in funding towards a substantial shade shelter has been provided.

Peer support programs have played a significant part in developing leadership skills and shared responsibility amongst our students.

Thanks for visiting us!
We hope you'll drop by again soon to read what's happening at our school.

Mr Peter Westren, Principal
Old Marulan Road, Tallong, NSW 2579
Phone/Fax: 02 4841 0292
Or email us any time!

What's Happening
in 2004!

Health Munch Shop...
A canteen that only sells fruit, juices and healthy lunch snacks.

Daily fitness program ...
that also develops sporting skills.

Promote Road Safety ...
Planning with parents, local council and the Roads and Traffic Authority.

Construction of an off street set down and pick up zone, and safe turn around area through community and council initiatives.

Address road safety through class programs and community sessions.

Office Hours...
Our office is open three days per week, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 8.30am until 3.30pm.

Wishing everyone a successful 2004!

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