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Scenery second to none!

Twin Lookouts
Bordering the Morton National Park our area has a lot to offer.

The twin lookouts at Tallong, Badgery's Lookout and Longpoint Lookout, offer spectacular uninterrupted views of the Shoalhaven Gorge (1,500 feet below), as well as walking tracks into the Gorge. The tracks lead down to the Shoalhaven River and are hard going (especially on the return climb out of the Gorge).

Both lookouts have picnic and barbecue facilities, but Longpoint Lookout is part of Morton National Park and the facilities are far superior to Badgery's. Having said that, the view from Badgery's Lookout is superb and is a must see!

Area Map
Click here to view our area map! Our map can be downloaded and saved or printed to guide you on your discovery tour of our area.

The map tries to show how large the area of Tallong is (a little toungue in cheek!) because the Tallong area extends along a large peninsula bordered by the Shoalhaven and Tallawa Gorges, and extends far beyond its small village.

In the not too distant future, all the village maps will be added to this site.

What's there to see in our area?
A small village with a General Store and Country Supplies. Penrose State Forest is a great place for walks and drives. The Sunnataram Forest Monastery in Teudt's Lane is worth a visit and across the road is a protea farm. Also, there's the famous Sylvan Glen Guest House and Golf Course. Read more about Penrose here!

Located between the villages of Penrose and Tallong, Wingello offers a General Store and the Wingello State Forest. There's the opportunity for walks and drives through the forest, and there's also the occasional antique auction or an art show at the Village Hall in the centre of the village. Don't forget to have a look at Bill O'Reilly Oval! To read more about Wingello, click here!

The village of Tallong offers a General Store and a cold climate nursery south of the village. Tallong also has it's twin lookouts (see above) and the opportunity to drive the length of Caoura Road for some spectacular scenery. There's also the convict built Dungeons on Badgery's Lookout Road. To read more about Tallong, click here!

Bundanoon village offers many shops, including a few Real Estate Agents, a newsagency, nursery, bakery and more! Morton National Park sits on the Doorstep of Bundanoon. Many events are held in the park near Bundanoon, and Glow Worm Glen is a surprising find. Venture to the Glen at dusk with torches (and well charged batteries!) to see the glow worms do their thing! The track is quite a long descent, and walking out again is a bit hard on the thighs!

Bundanoon is also famous for the annual Garden Ramble and Festival of Scarecrows which is held in October. Brigadoon is a huge annual Gathering of the Clans and everything Scottish, which is gathers a huge crowd! Bundanoon is also home to Solar Springs Retreat.

Is located on the Hume Highway to the south of Tallong. It's a growing area and is dominated by an RTA heavy vehicle checking station on its northern end and two large Service Centres on its southern end.

The village itself is just off the highway and has many interesting buildings which are worth a look. Marulan offers a convenience store, a pub and post office.

Food Guide
General Stores
in all villages offer convenience foods.

Penrose Village Store has a delightful country menu in its restaurant area, and is open on the weekends.

Marulan is famous for its fast food giants, but also offers meals at the pub.

Bundanoon has more for those who want more than a snack on the run. It has a few coffee shops as well as the bakery and a cafe. Solar Springs offers meals but booking is essential. Bundanoon Hotel is also available for meals.

Bundanoon offers accommodation for all budgets, from their Youth Hostel, to upmarket Bed and Breakfasts, Solar Springs and the Bundanoon Hotel.

Penrose offers accommodation at Sylvan Glen Guest House.

Morton National Park
Camping in Morton National Park is also an option for the more adventurous traveller!

Of course there's extensive accommodation for the traveller to the north in Moss Vale and Bowral, and to the south in Goulburn.

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