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Goldrush Grog
by Phil Mosies

I heard that the year 2001 was the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold in Australia. Tallong is situated on the edge of one of the major goldfields in NSW, in fact there are two old mines in Tallong itself (Maps $20).

At one time there was as many as fifteen gold mining camps between Tallong and Goulburn on the Shoalhaven River. And there being no pub at Tallong, I wondered what the miners got up to!

This is what I've unearthed so far...

These drinks were commonly drunk on the goldfields of Australia in the 1850's.

Blow my skull off
was a mixture of wine, rum, cayenne pepper and opium.

Sunset Rum
contained sugar, ginger beer, and a teaspoon of boot polish, maybe this is where the "Nugget" Boot polish company got it's name.

Now, not to forget the Metho cocktails...

The Fitzroy Cocktail
this uses metho, ginger beer and a teaspoon of boot polish, no wonder everyone had dirty boots.

The Pinky
metho & condy's crystals. Oh no!

A White Lady
metho & ammonia...

and last but not least the

metho, cheap wine, boot polish (I'm sure thats where Nugget got it's name), raisins, sugar and tobacco.

Two of these, and look out 'mister', I'll do the job myself!

Month Long Prune
I must give an award for the hardest worker in Tallong, to Mr Apple, Mr Watling. What a worker! Rain, hail or snow, trees won't prune themselves. Jim has had to prune 1500 trees in a 4-6 week period at between 30-50 trees a day.

Good Work Jim!

And remember folks, there's no apple like a Jim apple!

Letter to the Editor...
In the fourth edition of your excellent publication there was an interesting article by Phil Mosies on Goldrush Grog. I hope I never get thirsty enough so that I've got to try any of them. In several of the recipes was the inclusion of Boot Polish. There was a very good reason for this ingredient. In our early history strong drink was hard to come by but metholated spirits was available. Drinking this had a very bad side effect.

Over a period if time it destroyed the brain and sent the imbiber mad. The authorities were concerned enough to introduce a poison into the spirits called piridine (I'm unsure of the spelling). It seemed they preferred to have dead drinkers than mad ones. I'm sure there's some logic in there somewhere but I can't find it. However, as we know, Necessity is the mother of Invention and they discovered by adding boot polish to the mix, the piridine was neutrlized. Once again the drinkers went slowly mad, stayed alive and had very shiny insides.

On the Californian Goldfields in the 1850's, the miners drank a concoction based on cheap red wine called "Cracklin' Rosie". You may remember the song by Neil Diamond of the same name which is dedicated to this mixture. Because there was a shortage of women on the Goldfields, "Rosie" became a popular substitute and kept them smiling even if only for a short time.

I hope you find this interesting.

John Spencer

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