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Fires Do Happen in Winter!

Dep Capt Ian Palk The end of winter saw gale force winds and power lines down in many areas. But for Tallong, this horrid weather event caused a fallen power line which initiated a blaze, 14kms out of the village on a newly subdivided block of historic Caoura Station.

The "000" call was made mid-morning by the linesmen of Country Energy after locating the fallen line. Response times by the Tallong Rural Fire Brigade were rapid The main tanker manned by Fire Captain Kevin Roberts and team member Ian Palk, were first on the scene to assess the extent of the blaze. Marulan Rural Fire Brigade was alerted by Control to standby.

Other members of Tallong Brigade were quick to arrive at the scene. Since the blaze was being fanned by gale force winds and dangerously close to the National Park, the Marulan Rural Fire Brigade were soon dispatched for backup. Quick work by the Tallong Brigade soon saw the blaze under control. Many thanks to Marulan R. F. B. for their help in assessing that the blaze was definitely extinguished, a very important (although not adrenaline rushing) aspect of finishing up at the scene after a fire.

A potential disaster was effectively stopped in its tracks by the fast response times and expertise of our brave and dedicated volunteer Fire Brigade. The blaze was stopped within 500 metres of the Morton National Park, quite a feat in the gale force winds.

The Tallong fire was a shock reminder that fires do occur and burn well in winter. If the fire had reached Morton National Park last Saturday, there would've been no stopping it before it reached Nowra, the firemen said. Rapid Response Vehicle

The Statistics...
*50 acres of grassed pasture burned.
*Thirteen personnel in attendance contributing 48 man hours.
*Three category one tankers and one category nine tanker.

Tallong's new Rapid Response Unit proved itself invaluable.

The Tallong Brigade returned to base to a welcome (although late) alfresco lunch. Captain Roberts (a man of few words) stated later that afternoon at the debriefing...

"In gale force winds it was lucky the fire was contained."

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