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Tallong Midge Orchid

The Survivors
by Greg Stone

Fire in the Bush
by Greg Stone

More Road Kill
by Phil Mosies

Injured Native Wildlife
Emergency Management

Goldrush Grog
by Phil Mosies

Spring Purples and Pinks
by Greg Stone

Road Kill Recipes
by Phil Mosies

Penrose General Store

The Spotted Gums
by Greg Stone

Winter Fires
in Tallong

Southern Highland Way
Articles from the popular local newspaper

An assortment of articles from the popular local magazine have been published on this site.

The articles have been very popular on the internet, and cover some interesting subjects, ranging from endangered flora to road kill recipes.

They were written by local residents for the Southern Highland Way magazine during its two years in print. There are many more articles in the archives to add, eventually!

The Southern Highland Way publication was very popular, so much so that it grew too large for two busy women to produce, having also to juggle time between jobs and young families. The withdrawal from print left a huge hole in the local area and has been sadly missed by the local communities and readers from outside our area.

We hope you'll enjoy reading the articles and some of the recipes, which call for some unusual ingredients!

Happy reading!

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